Car covers

So I have a Subaru Forester that I adore.  I just bought a baja woven steering wheel cover, so naturally, I am going to buy matching car seat covers!  It will be the ultimate hippie mobile.  Speaking of hippie mobiles, my friend that I am kidnapping next week, kidnapped me to teach be about women shopping and we saw a bubble gum pink VW bus.  I wanted it!  I wouldn’t care for the color, or the price of fixing a vintage car.  I’m also thinking of buying a rug for my Forester for muddy gear, one that I can easily hose down.  I went for a light bike ride when I got home and it felt great!  I also read in my hammock.

Finding work has been extremely troubling too.  I can’t find work at all, and the response I recieve is “You won’t be a good fit for our team.”  As a no reply!  I can’t ask for what I need to change to be a good part of the team.  It irritates me to no end.  My other friend is going to help me become more marketable, so I am a little nervous as to what he’s going to put me through.

That’s all for today,




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