Hey folks!  I loaded up my backpack last night, roughly 30 pounds and I went to my local park and did about five miles.  I feel great!  No blisters, or foot pain.  I’m doing it again tomorrow, and then cycling around the park.  Also, I’m going to ride my bike when I get home, because I need to stretch my muscles after carrying that many pounds.  I’m also going to walk around the park the rest of the week, and I convinced my dad to come with me on Sunday.

I also learned today that there are bald eagles at the park, and I will show dad on Sunday.  I need to upload pictures to my flikr too, but that will happen in a few weeks.  I’m kidnapping my friend next week to do a favorite trail of mine, so that she can get ready for our big hike.  She’s talking to her friend in Australia at the moment, so pestering her may send venemous snakes my way…

Anywho, I’m off to relax and unwind to prepare for another walk in the park.




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