So, today I woke up to left over Starbucks blend coffee in the pot, and a defrosted frozen breakfast sandwich.  I ended up going out to do some errands and get gas. I went to pick up asprin, stakes and an air mattress.  I then went from 2 miles from my house to 15 miles away to register for classes with the local public school system’s adult education program.  I am a pharmacy technician who needs to take the pharmacy boards, and I’m now going to try to become an ophamalogist.  Those classes start next month.

I still haven’t found my camera cord, so I can’t even update my flickr.  I have my camera, my spare chip, my charger, my case but not my cable, go figure.  I will most likely find it within the week.

Tomorrow I need to pick up dog food for my dog, and sfter that I’m staying home to work on my tarp.  Speaking of said dog, he jumped up on my bed and refuses to leave my laptop because he has an addiction to screens!  He watches tv and other things to the point that I won’t even have anything running on my laptop and he’ll stare.  Anyway, I’ve eaten enough today but of course, I’m still hungry and will remain hungry.




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